Wall-mounted luminaire 717

This range of Simon wall-mounted luminaire 717 is ideal for public places that require ambient lighting, both to decorate and to highlight objects and specific areas. Lightweight , 1.43 (kg), made with the best polycarbonate and in a stylish white finish that makes it ideal for all types of contexts. A timeless, neutral design to cover lighting needs in transit areas (staircases, corridors and halls, emergency exits, etc.), in open-plan areas or places that need extra lighting in hotels, shopping centres and commercial premises of all kinds. They can also be used in some homes. For example, they tend to be used in homes with cellars, corridors, changing rooms, sauna, etc. These wall mount luminaires have a long service life: Up to 30,000 hours of light; a light that always remains unchanged, constant and maintains its lighting performance like the first day. Easy to install. Take a look at the product sheet and see for yourself all the features and benefits of having a such a high quality product, and if you have any questions, remember that you can contact our customer service at any time.

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