Wall-mounted luminaire 707

Wall-mounted Luminaire ideal for ambient lighting. This family of luminaires gives a special lighting, distinguished, more warm and family. Suitable for new homes or to adapt and restore older homes, for private buildings, housing developments and all types of public spaces, although it is particularly ideal for corridors, stairs or transit and open-plan areas.
In addition, we have two versions for two different purposes. The wall-mounted luminaires 707 in the square version, with general-flood optics, accentuate and highlight the lighting in specific areas, whereas the rectangular version diffuses the light, creating softer, cosier effects.
It also has a long service life: A minimum of 30,000 hours of light. For wall installation.
We have versions with a different power and colour temperature, so that you can choose the one you like and the one that best adapts to the environment in which it is to be installed.
It is turned on using a simple (ON-OFF) control mechanism. Finishes in white and in the best aluminium material. Get these wall-mounted luminaires 707 at the best possible price at Simon!

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