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LEDline 815

Lighting ambience state-of-the-art LEDs. Light modern and young brand, daring. Capable of converting the coldest environments into warm and much more attractive environments. Capable of highlighting details that, at first, are impossible to detect. A light capable of awakening the senses and emotions of people when they are in a given location.
The Ledflex 815 that here Simon presents enable to create all kinds of effects of colour thanks to the lighting that apply to objects or in public places such, highlighting and highlighting the architecture of the same.
What kind of places and objects is this type of light ideal for?
It can have many applications, as it is a type of luminaire that always adds, never detracts, to any space.For use in cabinets and display cases containing objects that we want to highlight, for shelves, corners in a room, corridors, entry or exit areas, open-plan areas, reception areas, waiting rooms, desks, tables, etc.
In addition, it has a long service life and always maintains its qualities intact. Simon always gives you products that give maximum lighting performance.
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