Downlight 725

Simon offers in his online catalogue for both professionals (work stations) as for private households (homes), a vast range of solutions and applications of LED lighting. Between them, we find the range Downlight and, here present, the Downlight 725.
Do you want to benefit from the highest quality lighting for creating comfortable environments, both in homes and workplaces?
This is possible thanks to this range, Simon offers a wide variety of designs to any environment, and that comply with the aim of providing the most rational and correct lighting for each moment any area. This type of lights are ideal for bathrooms, corridors, waiting rooms, reception areas and, of course, for open-plan areas, without forget about that we can use them for display cases or fitting rooms, as well as for lighting shelves.
The advantages that have are a very significant energy savings, a lighting ambience more comfortable, low heat emission of UV radiation, light change and constant, as well as a longer service life, as it does not depend on the number of on/off actions, being its maintenance easier than other systems of light.
Take advantage of all these advantages by buying your Downlights from our website!

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