Downlight 706

This type of lights are perfect to highlight areas that interests us to be reconfigured well. From lights for details on shelves or exhibitors, up to lighting to illuminate crossing zones or rooms and rooms, reception, meeting rooms, stations, office, an area or corner of the wall specific (open-plan areas) and for many more applications, including those that have relationship with home, and that is that although this type of lights have been correctly take very good reception between professionals in many other (benches, commercial premises of all kinds, offices, hotels, restaurants...) are beginning to be very used in the ambience family, thanks to its attractive halo of light is capable of creating homely, warm and comfortable environments.
In addition, thanks to its low power consumption makes it possible to a reduction in the consumption of electricity, with which to the long term you can saving energy. Its long service life and its light stable and constant completes which is a unique product. Only to the scope of a reference brand like Simon.
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Here, specifically, you will be able to enjoy the Downlight 706.

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