Downlight 705

Simon offers its customers, both professional and private, a very wide range of solutions of LED lighting. Between them, we find the range Downlight and, in this case, we talk about the Downlight 705.
This type of lights provide the highest quality in lighting creating atmospheres really comfortable. Simon offers these designs for any particular or professional can provide optimum lighting and coherent in each situation and for each type of area. From bathrooms, up to corridors, passing through open-plan areas, waiting rooms or very used also to create unique spaces with attractive halos of light in specific areas such as shelves or exhibitors.
The benefits that provide there are many: Energy savings, creating spaces and more comfortable, low heat emission (which makes it possible to this savings), brightness complete the switching on, light change (no decay of with the passage of time) and a low emission of UV radiation, so the displayed products or the materials exposed to the light do not deteriorate.
In addition, its maintenance is simple and has a long life, do not depending on this of the quantity of switching on and off to. And all this functionality, at an aesthetic level is a unique range.

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