Rubber wallbox

In the Rubber WallBox section you will find basic and stand-alone boxes. Find the socket model you need from among the variety of sockets, which have IP54 boxes. From an German inlet, mode 3 type 2 single-phase or three-phase inlets up to a combination of both.
Solutions for indoors with different powers. Simon offers more economical, slow charging with powers of 3.6 kW, semi-fast charging of 7.2 kW and fast charging of 22 kW Everything your electric car needs, you’ll find it in the Simon Electric online catalogue.
Depending on whether the charging station is for private or public use, you will find models with pre-payment tariff and RFID user identifiers. Perfect for shopping centres, hotels or residents' car parks. The 1 socket at 22 kW models, with or without electricity metre, are the perfect solution for fast charging in a private garage.
You’ll find models with 5-metre cables for charging your electric vehicle without any problem. A example is the IP54 Box with 1 type 2 mode 3 socket, with a 3-phase 32 to 22 kW connector. It has an electricity metre and ZE Ready certification for Renault vehicles. The safest way to charge your electric vehicle is using high quality products such as the Rubber Wallbox indoor charging solutions.

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