Metering accessories

In the Metering Accessories section of the Simon online catalogue you can find Kits of recorded Mifare RFID cards and a Mifare RFID card recorder for PC.
The Mifare RFID cards (Radio Frequency IDentification) are one of the most widely used identification and access control systems in the world. They are notable for their high speed and high resistance, since its chip is housed inside the card and not on the surface.
Thanks to this system, the user can access the Simon Electric electric vehicle charging stations in a personal, user-friendly and safe way. By being able to be pay with just one step, customers can enjoy the speed of this service and the manager or owner of the electric vehicle charging systems will have absolute control of the number of vehicles using its chargers.
These access control cards and are intended for use in both indoor and outdoor services. Specially designed to share among several customers, whether in a residents’ car park, a company car park or using an outdoor urban post.

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