Metal wallbox

The metal electric vehicle charging boxes have a current of 16 A and a frequency of 50 Hz, allowing a power of 3.6 kW They have 2 German sockets and two charging modes and a metal cover with key locking.
These are the perfect solution for the home, company car park or residents' car park. On having two sockets, we will be able to perform the charging of electric vehicles simultaneously. It also, are compatible with the mechanisms of the series Simon 500 CIMA.
The IP40 metal box is highly resistant, as it has IK10 certification. A high-quality, economical option for your electric vehicle. In the Simon Electric online catalogue you will find Metal Wallbox models with electric metering and time programming systems. This allows you greater control over consumption and you will be able to program it to charge c your vehicle at times when the energy cost is lower.
Find the indoor charging systems that best suit your needs and at the best price. All this with the guarantee of quality and durability that Simon offers in all its products.

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