This image represents the combined solution of different references

This image represents the combined solution of different references


Plate for electronic touch mechanisms with blue light white Simon 82

Packaging quantity
5 Units

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Outstanding Features
Simon 82
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Simon 82 Detail

Simon 82 Nature

Simon 82

Product Information

Plate made for touch electronic devices with blue light and finished in white colour is included in the Simon 82 series, this piece has exquisite functionalities, impeccable design and the opportunity to enjoy the new interface in terms of pulsation mechanisms. Will feel that you are by pressing the switch but it is just an effect that makes the interface that Simon has prepared for your home to be equipped to the latest, with the most advanced design and features known.

Thanks to the compatibility with the Simon 77 series, installing the elements has become a real step, since in just three steps you will have the element installed without the need to use a single tool and of course without staining your hands when peeling or braiding any type of wire.

Benefit from the wide range of textures and avant-garde finishes available in the range with the selection of one of them among six different finishes offered by the Simon 82 series to achieve the perfect adaptation of the elements with your home.

Basic information
  • Compatibility

    Simon 75 mechanisms

  • Remarks

    Available in 6 finishes. It is recommended to choose a frame with a base the same colour as the selected rocker.

  • Finish


  • Material


  • Packaging contents


Technical information
  • Market available


  • IP Rating


  • Number of possible elements

    1 element

  • Operating temperature range (ºC)

    5 - 40 ºC

  • Storage temperature range (ºC)

    -25 - 50 ºC

  • Version


  • Dimensions (mm)

    55 x 55

Installation and maintenance
  • Installation direction

    Vertical and horizontal

  • Installation type

    Suitable for surface and flush mounting

  • Maintenance

    Clean with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive cloths or cleaning products that contain chlorine.

  • Regulations

    Directive 2014/35/UE LVD + Directive 2014/30/UE EMC + Directive 2011/65/UE RoHS + EN 50581:2012 + EN 60669-2-1:2004 + EN 60669-2-1:2004 A1:2009 + EN 60669-2-1:2004 A12:2010

Logistics Information
  • Product net weight

    0.016 KGM

  • Product gross weight

    0.016 KGM

  • Product EAN


  • Packaging quantity


  • Packaging height

    81 MMT

  • Packaging width

    82 MMT

  • Packaging length

    90 MMT

  • Packaging volume

    597780 MMQ

  • Packaging net weight

    0.08 KGM

  • Packaging gross weight

    0.08 KGM

  • Packaging EAN


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