Pack of claws Simon 75 front view

Pack of claws Simon 75 front view

Pack of claws Simon 75 packaging

Pack of claws Simon 75 packaging


Pack of claws for 10 mechanisms Simon 75

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Packaging quantity
10 Units

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Outstanding Features
Simon 75
Series Compatibility

Simon 82

Simon 82 Nature

Simon 82 Detail

Simon 28

Simon 75

Simon 31

Simon 88

Simon 82 Concept

Product Information

Simon is one of the distributors leaders in the electrical mechanisms of all kinds, always adding a avant-garde and a search constant new functionalities. Simon you want, at all times, simple and comfortable the life of all people.

With this set of claws Simon to be recessed in the case of which you own box traiga electric service not included the screws and for boxes that are not universal.

The installation is really simple, as it is designed to be used and installed with different mechanisms Simon, which is a great advantage. Piece resistant to adverse conditions and maximum durability over many years. And any Simon product.

This set of claws is part of the series Simon 28, one of the series of the brand more practical and, at the same time, simple. This is why if you are fleeing from any difficulty when choosing a electric mechanism, take a glimpse of the products of this collection.

Basic information
  • Compatibility

    Simon 31 and Simon 75 mechanisms

  • Packaging contents

    Pack of claws for mechanisms Simon 75

Technical information
  • Market available


  • Operating temperature range (ºC)

    5 - 40 ºC

  • Regulations

    No aplica

Logistics Information
  • Product volume

    3017190 MMQ

  • Product net weight

    0.074 KGM

  • Product gross weight

    0.074 KGM

  • Product EAN


  • Packaging quantity


  • Packaging height

    82 MMT

  • Packaging width

    83 MMT

  • Packaging length

    223 MMT

  • Packaging volume

    0.807 DMQ

  • Packaging net weight

    0.74 KGM

  • Packaging gross weight

    0.92 KGM

  • Packaging EAN


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