Aluminium column with 1 side and 3 metres long Simon 500 Cima oblique view

Aluminium column with 1 side and 3 metres long Simon 500 Cima oblique view

Aluminium column with 1 side and 3 metres long Simon 500 Cima front view

Aluminium column with 1 side and 3 metres long Simon 500 Cima front view

This image represents the combined solution of different references

This image represents the combined solution of different references


Aluminium column with 1 side, 3 metres long and trims graphite Simon 500 Cima

Packaging quantity
1 Unit
Outstanding Features
Simon 500 Cima
Series Compatibility

Simon 500 Cima

Product Information

Pole of aluminium of 1 side and which has trim in graphite colour, it is part of the Simon 500 Cima series and can be set in the ceiling.

It has a length of three metres x 100 mm wide and 73 mm depth. Its finish is aluminium and has 32 modules.

The telescopic guide for fastening the slab measures 1.5 metres, thus allowing extension of the maximum height of the fastening of the pole up to 4.5 metres.

This pole is made in anodised aluminium and has been designed according to the regulation UNE -s 50.085-2-4-: 2006.

The pole of the Simon 500 Cima series is suitable for installing on any floor type, whether raised or concrete flooring. The fastening of the pole is calculated using a telescopic guide attached to the ceiling slab.

It works perfectly in rooms with temperatures between -25 to the most of 120 ° C and can be cleaned easily just by using a soft, dry cloth.

Basic information
  • Compatibility

    Simon 500 Cima, Simon 27 Play/Simon K45 (using adaptor) mechanisms and universal Simon mechanisms in combination with the universal box designed specifically for columns.

  • Remarks

    The telescopic guide for securing to the ceiling slab measures 1.5 metres, allowing the maximum mounting height for the column to be extended to 4.5 metres.

  • Finish


  • Material


  • Packaging contents

    Column, baseboard, lower and upper trim, telescopic rail, ceiling fastening bracket, set screw, non-slip adhesive foam, fixing studs, ground connection cable, screws and installation manual

Technical information
  • Market available


  • Available in

    1 and 2 sides

  • Earthing resistance

    < 0.05 Ohms

  • Electrical properties

    With electrical continuity

  • Electromagnetic immunity for VDM wiring

    Secured using the metal divider rail.

  • IP Rating


  • Max temp during construction work (ºC)

    +120 ºC

  • Number of modules


  • Protection against entry of dust and small objects

    Yes, thanks to the inclusion of protective foam

  • Telescopic guide adjustment range (mm)

    Between 0 and 1500 mm

  • Temperature range during installation (ºC)

    -25 to +120 ºC

  • Version

    1 side

  • Cabling feed in baseboard dimensions (mm)

    70 x 32 mm

  • Depth (mm)

    72 mm

  • Dimensions (mm)

    3000 x 110 x 72

  • Front cover dimensions (mm)

    76 x 3000 mm

  • Maximum length of column (m)

    4500 mm (a coluna pode alcançar um comprimento máximo de 6000 mm, combinando-a com o extensor de 1500 mm)

  • Top cover dimensions (mm)

    165 x 125 x 60 mm

  • Trim dimensions (mm)

    165 x 125 x 60 mm

Installation and maintenance
  • Screws required for fixing to the floor


  • Installation direction

    Vertical, corresponding with the direction of the mechanisms

  • Installation type

    Suitable for installing in any floor type, raised or concrete. Column secured by applying pressure to the ceiling slab using a telescopic guide.

  • Removal of components

    Only with tool

  • Removal of cover

    Only with tool

  • Removal of trim frames

    Only with tool

  • Type of fastening

    By press-fitting the telescopic guide into the ceiling slab (no screws are required for fastening)

  • Maintenance

    Clean with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive cloths or cleaning products that contain chlorine.

  • Regulations

    Directive 2014/35/UE LVD + EN 50085-2-4:2009

Logistics Information
  • Product net weight

    9.4 KGM

  • Product gross weight

    9.4 KGM

  • Product EAN


  • Packaging quantity


  • Packaging height

    88 MMT

  • Packaging width

    119 MMT

  • Packaging length

    3040 MMT

  • Packaging volume

    31.835 DMQ

  • Packaging net weight

    9.4 KGM

  • Packaging EAN


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