Shallow floor box kit for raised/concrete floor 8 elements 2 double sockets, dual UPS, 2 plates 2 RJ45 grey Simon 500 Cima

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Series:  Simon 500 Cima
Version:  8 elements
Number of modules:  8 modules
Intensity:  16 A
Voltage:  250 V~
Number of sockets:  3 double sockets: 2 double sockets for standard current circuit and 1 double socket for stable current circuit
Format:  Schuko
Type of terminal connection:  1 click connection (1 click®)
Number of terminals:  3 inputs and 3 outputs
Number of connections per terminal:  1 terminal connection for click terminal connection system and 2 terminal connections for the fast terminal connection system
Type of mechanism:  Insertion
Indicator function:  Yes
Linkable:  Yes, the sockets for a single circuit are supplied linked together.
Number of plates:  2 voice and data plates
Plate type:  Flat
Snap-fit type:  Keystone I, II, ATT®/Avaya®
Number of connectors:  4
Compatible with connectors:  Simon©, AMP netconnect© Standard 110, SL110, SL Tool-less, 216000 and 216005, Brand-Rex©, ADC Krone© KM8 Keystone, BeldenCDT© Giga Flex Keystone, Ersys©, General Cable©, Molex©, Panduit© Netkey, Ortronics© Clarity TechChoice Keystone, Rit© and other manufacturers with Keystone snap-fit system.
Dust shutter:  Yes
RJ45 adaptor module:  Included in voice and data plates
RJ45 connectors:  Not included
Finish:  Grey
Expandable:  No
Kit configuration:  2 linked double electrical sockets for standard current and 1 double electrical socket for stable current (UPS) German format and voice and data plates for 4 RJ45 connectors (RJ45 connectors not included)
Number of cover opening positions:  2
Possibility of including quick-connect connectors along the side of the housing:  No
Protection against entry of dust and small objects:  Yes, thanks to the inclusion of ductile plastic wire outputs
Compatibility:  Simon 500 CIMA mechanisms
Packaging contents:  Kit and installation manual
Remarks:  To complete the installation of the product in concrete floors, once configured, it must be combined with a plastic tray (ref.G401). Alternatively, it may be combined with flush-mount trim cover (ref.52053204-035) in cases where the same floor lining is not installed.


Dimensions:  329 x 252 mm
Depth:  69 mm
Claw range of operation:  Between 11 and 48 mm
Elevation of frame from ground level:  3.2 mm
Flip-up cover dimensions:  318 x 240 x 10 mm
Personalisation of flush-mount cover dimensions:  277 x 209 x 5.5 mm
Cable section admitted:  From 1.5 to 2.5 mm
Cable stripping necessary:  Not necessary
LED consumption indicator:  0.55 mA
Heat resistance:  +125 ºC (in accordance with standard IEC 60695-10-2)
Extinguishing:  +850 ºC / 30 seconds (GWFI in accordance with standard IEC 60695-2-11)
Insulation resistance:  >5 MOhms at 500V
Dielectric strength:  No holes or contours, with 2000V at 50 Hz for 1 minute
Number of side entrances:  8
No. of pre-punched holes Ø10 mm:  8
No. of pre-punched holes Ø20 mm:  8
No. of pre-punched holes 55 x 20 mm:  8
Number of clamp-holder holes:  8
IP rating:  4X
IK Classification:  8
RAL:  7011
Manufacturing material:  Metal components with self-extinguishing, halogen-free thermoplastic insulation that guarantees no flame propagation in case of fire and low toxicity in case of smoke emission.
Type of product:  Standard
Market available:  CE


Regulations:  UNE-EN 60.670-23


Installation type:  Its design for shallow floors allows it to be installed in any type of raised or concrete floor, combining the latter installation type with tray ref. G401
Type of fastening:  Using fastening claws on the concrete floor tray or on the raised floor tile (supplied with the floor box)
Installation direction:  Horizontal and vertical
Can be installed in tray:  Plastic
Removal of the socket:  Only with tool
Removal of the plate:  Only with tool
Recess dimension:  250 x 327 mm
Tray flush mount dimension:  419 x 384 mm
Temperature range during installation:  -5 to 60 ºC
Max. temp. during construction work:  +90 ºC
Maintenance:  Clean with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive cloths or cleaning products that contain chlorine.


Available in display box:  Yes
Packaging quantity:  1
Height:  0.000
Wide:  0.000
Depth:  0.000
Box volume:  0.000
Net weight of box:  2.720
Gross weight of box:  2.720
Unit weight of box:  KGM
EAN code:  8421053112724
Available in multiple box:  No
Available on pallet:  No



Shallow floor box kit for 4 elements grey application in office


Shallow floor box kit for 4 elements grey application in office


Shallow floor box kit for 8 elements Simon 500 Cima grey front view


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Instruction sheet Shallow floor box kit for raised/concrete floor 8 elements 2 double sockets, dual USP, 2 plates 2 RJ45 grey Simon 500 Cima DOWNLOAD


Drawing Shallow floor box kit for raised/concrete floor 8 elements 2 double sockets, dual USP, 2 plates 2 RJ45 grey Simon 500 Cima DOWNLOAD