DIN rail adaptor for MCB or RCCB Simon 500 Cima front view

DIN rail adaptor for MCB or RCCB Simon 500 Cima front view


DIN rail adaptor for MCB or RCCB installation in floor box Simon 500 Cima

Packaging quantity
10 Units
Outstanding Features
Simon 500 Cima
Series Compatibility

Simon 500 Cima

Product Information

With the adapter DIN rail for miniature circuit breaker or residual current circuit breaker of the collection Simon 500 Cima you will get the maximum workplace solutions and functionality for its floor box in the work area. Made up of 2 elements and with a size of 138 x 48 mm and a depth of 14mm, it is suitable for installation in floor boxes wall-mounted of, both in concrete floor and raised floor. Its compact and its finishes in a homogeneous always white colour, guarantee total integration of the set in all types of spaces compact. It is manufactured in halogen-free thermoplastic for greater protection in case of fire, as it avoids the flame spread and toxicity by smoke. Also, it has a temperature range of -5 to 60 ° C and can reach a maximum of 90 ºC. Functionality, innovation and design in the adapter Simon 500 Cima as a guarantee of workplace solutions and security in its working area.

Basic information
  • Compatibility

    Floor boxes Simon 500 Cima

  • Remarks

    Is only suitable for installation in Simon 500 Cima floor boxes If installing in another enclosure you must use article no.50000074-03X.

  • Finish


  • Material


  • Packaging contents

    DIN rail adaptor for installing in Simon 500 Cima floor boxes and installation manual

Technical Information
  • Market available


  • Available in

    Adaptor specifically for floor boxes, with another version for other Simon 500 Cima enclosures (wall boxes, mini towers, mini columns, columns, metal enclosures)

  • Format

    DIN 41529

  • IP Rating


  • Max temp during construction work (ºC)

    +90 ºC

  • Temperature range during installation (ºC)

    -5 to 60 ºC

  • Version

    2 elements

  • Depth (mm)

    14 mm

  • Dimensions (mm)

    135 x 48 x 14

Installation and maintenance
  • Installation direction

    Vertical, corresponding with the direction of the mechanisms

  • Installation type

    Suitable for installing in floor boxes, either concrete or raised floor

  • Removal of cover

    Only with tool

  • Type of fastening

    Using screws supplied with the adaptor

  • Regulations

    Directive 2014/35/UE LVD + Directive 2011/65/UE RoHS + EN 50581:2012 + EN 60898-1:2003 + EN 60898-1:2003 A1:2004 + EN 60898-1:2003 A11:2005 + EN 60898-1:2003 A12:2008 + EN 60898-1:2003 A13:2012

Logistics Information
  • Product net weight

    0.01 KGM

  • Product gross weight

    0.01 KGM

  • Packaging quantity


  • Packaging height

    70 MMT

  • Packaging width

    93 MMT

  • Packaging length

    140 MMT

  • Packaging volume

    0.911 DMQ

  • Packaging net weight

    0.1 KGM

  • Packaging EAN


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