Flat voice and data plate without dust cover and 1 RJ45 white Simon 500 Cima front view

Flat voice and data plate without dust cover and 1 RJ45 white Simon 500 Cima front view


Flat voice and data plate without dust cover for 1 element with 1 RJ45 category 6A FTP white Simon 500 Cima

Packaging quantity
20 Units
Outstanding Features
Simon 500 Cima
Series Compatibility

Simon 500 Cima

Product Information

Flat base plate of voice and data, of the Simon 500 Cima series. Includes a dust shutter and has an element for an RJ45 connector. The category to which is part of the plate is 6A FTP and its finish is fully white. This provides functionality to the product, as it is easy to integrate into any space.

The individual version of the voice and data plate has a module and includes the clips necessary to place it in horizontal or vertical enclosures. It is not necessary to take the specific tools for its adaptation. Its exact dimensions are 50 x 50 x 44 millimetres. This makes it quite compact.

This plate of the Simon 500 Cima series has been designed from metal materials thermoplastically isolated and free of halogens. In this way is achieved to increase the security of the plate for its use. Also, in the event of smoke, the toxicity is minimal. The maintenance of the Simon 500 Cima series is very simple, since it is enough to use a soft cotton for cleaning.

Basic information
  • Compatibility

    Simon 500 Cima enclosures

  • Remarks

    The plate is snap-fitted for mounting in vertical and horizontal enclosures without the need for an adaptor.

  • Finish


  • Packaging contents

    Flat voice and data plate without dust cover, category 6A FTP RJ45 connector and installation manual

Technical information
  • Market available


  • Number of connectors


  • RAL


  • Cable section admitted (mm)

    22-24 AWG wiring

  • Connector characteristics

    category 6A FTP

  • IP Rating


  • Max temp during construction work (ºC)

    +60 ºC

  • Number of modules


  • Plate type


  • RJ45 adaptor module

    Included in voice and data plate

  • RJ45 connection

    Without insertion tool

  • RJ45 connectors

    Included in voice and data plate

  • Snap-fit RJ45 plates

    Keystone I, II, ATT®/Avaya®

  • Snap-fit type

    Keystone I, II, ATT®/Avaya®

  • Temperature range during installation (ºC)

    -5 to 60 ºC

  • Version


  • Depth (mm)

    44 mm

  • Dimensions (mm)

    50 x 50 x 44

Installation and maintenance
  • Installable in flush mount junction box

    Specific Simon 500 Cima

  • Installation direction

    Vertical, corresponding with the direction of the mechanisms

  • Installation type

    Fixing by direct snap-fit, no tools needed.

  • Maintenance

    Clean with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive cloths or cleaning products that contain chlorine.

  • Regulations

    Directive 2011/65/UE RoHS + EN 50173-1:2011 + EN 50581:2012 + IEC 60603-7-7:2010

Logistics Information
  • Product net weight

    0.06 KGM

  • Product gross weight

    0.06 KGM

  • Packaging quantity


  • Packaging height

    80 MMT

  • Packaging width

    224 MMT

  • Packaging length

    290 MMT

  • Packaging volume

    0.052 HLT

  • Packaging net weight

    1.2 KGM

  • Packaging EAN


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