Customisable in-desk set with cover and brush, 3 German socket outlets and 1 empty element aluminium Simon 400 | SIMON
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Customisable in-desk set with cover and brush, 3 German socket outlets and 1 empty element aluminium Simon 400

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Series:  Simon 400
Version:  4 elements
Number of elements:  1
Number of sockets:  3
Type of power supply connector:  Wieland� GST 18i male 3-pole overhead connector with 22 cm patch cord
Type of elevation:  Manual
Cabling access:  With brush
Intensity:  16 A
Voltage:  250 V~
Number of sockets:  3 sockets for standard current circuit
Format:  Schuko
Finish:  Aluminium
Kit configuration:  3 electrical sockets for standard current, 1 recess for customising with voice, data and/or multimedia solutions and 1 3x1.5 mm electrical patch cord 22 centimetres long, ending with Wieland� GST 18i 3-pole connector.
Number of cover opening positions:  1
Protection against entry of dust and small objects:  Yes, thanks to the included protective cover and cable outlet with brush
Compatibility:  Functions of the Simon 400 range, combinable with the Simon Electric Cabling range.
Packaging contents:  Pre-wired profile, enclosure, fastening claws and installation manual.
Remarks:  To complete the product installation combine it with the Simon 400 functions (refs. 400XXXXX-03X).


Dimensions:  248 x 185 mm
Depth:  85 mm
Claw range of operation:  Between 20 and 40 mm
Heat resistance:  +70�C (in accordance with standard IEC 60670)
Extinguishing:  +650�C (according to norm IEC 60670)
Insulation resistance:  >5 M? at 500 V
Dielectric strength:  No holes or contours, with 2000V at 50 Hz for 1 minute
Number of rear entrances:  1
IP rating:  IP30
RAL:  9006
Manufacturing material:  Painted steel enclosure, anodised aluminium profile, covers and attachments in halogen-free, self-extinguishing thermoplastic that guarantees no flame propagation in the event of fire and has low toxicity in the event of smoke emission.
Type of product:  Standard
Market available:  CE


Regulations:  Directiva 2014/35/UE LVD;Directiva 2011/65/UE RoHS;EN 50581:2012;EN 60670-1:2005;EN 60670-1:2005 A1:2013;IEC 60884-1 Ed 3.2;


Installation type:  Suitable for recessed mount in furniture.
Securing possibilities:  By placing the provided claws or by putting screws through the provided holes
Type of fastening:  By lateral tightening of claws provided with the enclosure. Optional possibility to fasten the enclosure with screws through the provided holes in the sides of the enclosure chassis.
Securing without accessories:  The product is supplied with all the material needed for installation.
Opening orientation:  At 45�
Removal of the plate:  Only with tool
Removal of the frame:  Only with tool
Recess dimension:  228 x 175 mm (� 2mm)
Temperature range during installation:  -5 at +60� C
Max. temp. during construction work:  +60�C
Maintenance:  Clean with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive cloths or cleaning products that contain chlorine.


Available in display box:  Yes
Packaging quantity:  1
Height:  0.000
Wide:  0.000
Depth:  0.000
Box measurement unit:  MM
Box volume:  0.000
Box volume measurement unit:  MMQ
Net weight of box:  1.692
Gross weight of box:  0.000
Unit weight of box:  KGM
EAN code:  8421053196281
Available in multiple box:  No
Available on pallet:  No



Complete flush-mounted in the desk kit aluminium application in office


Oblique view Complete flush-mounted in the desk kit with dual opening cover, metal fin, 4x USB charger, 8 German socket outlets and 2 empty elements aluminium Simon 400


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In desk Installation Simon 400