Basic IP54 and IK10 box 2 outlets 1 German 3.6 kW + 1 Mode 3 Type 2 single/three-phase outlet 32A 22 kW with energy meter

REFERENCE NO.: 0600322-039
R.P.: Price on request
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Series:  Caja de recarga de goma
Subseries:  Basic solutions
Number of outlets:  2
Intensity:  32 A
Three-phase intensity:  32 A
Finish:  Black and aluminium
Connector type:  1x Mode 3 Type 2 socket outlet (IEC 62196-2) 1x German socket outlet EEC 7/4 (230 VAC - 16A)
Frequency:  50/60 Hz
Tolerance:  10%
Type of line:  Three-phase
Operation of the outlet(s):  Simultaneous
Maximum power:  22 kW
Maximum three-phase power:  22 kW
Charging modes:  1, 2 and 3 (Type 2)
Mode 3 status indicator:  Yes
Time programming:  No
Pricing:  No
EV Ready certification:  No
ZE Ready certification:  No
Electricity metre:  Yes
Type of communication:  Ethernet
Charge blocking:  No
Emergency stop:  No
Compatibility:  Assembly accesories for outdoor
Packaging contents:  Box and instruction sheet
Remarks:  Tests have been carried out with the German connector (EEC 7/4) to guarantee a charge of 8 hours a day with an intensity of 16A.


Dimensions:  380x260x150 mm
Cable section admitted:  2.5 to 10 mm
IP rating:  54
IK Classification:  10
Manufacturing material:  Rubber box
Disassembly required:  Yes
Type of connection:  Internal (via protected terminal connections)
Product parameter adjustment / display:  Visor for easy access without having to disassemble the enclosure
Mode 3 manual configuration:  Yes, using a DIP switch
Type of product:  Standard
Market available:  CE


Installation type:  Suitable for surface mounting (4 bolts)
Operating temperature range:  -20 ºC to + 60 ºC
Storage temperature range:  25 to 70 ºC


Available in display box:  Yes
Packaging quantity:  1
Box measurement unit:  MM
Height:  0.000
Wide:  0.000
Depth:  0.000
Box volume:  0.000
Box volume measurement unit:  MMQ
Net weight of box:  8.440
Gross weight of box:  0.000
Unit weight of box:  KGM
EAN code:  8421053086322
Available in multiple box:  No
Available on pallet:  No