Simon Russia opens new facilities during the company's centenary

Balabanovo, Kaluga, Rusia

In November 2016 Simon celebrated the 100th anniversary in Russia.

The gala day was dived into two parts:

The Board of Directors and all Simon Russia employees visited the factory in Balabanovo, Kaluga region. After the exciting excursion to the factory, Sergio Vives Simon and the representatives of Russian State holily opened a new warehouse of 1,000 sq meters. The State representatives emphasized the importance of Simon company development in the Russian Federation. New facilities allow to create new jobs, improve economic situation in the region and produce high quality products.

The second part of the anniversary was connected with the 100-years history of the company. All participants enjoyed the film about the history of Simon dating back to the year 1916.

The dinner was a good ending of the day. The Board members had a great opportunity to discuss work and life topics with Simon Russia colleagues. Wonderful words were said. Everyone will remember this day for many years.