simon china evento centenario

Simon China culminates centennial with a solemn ceremony

No. 1, Ximeng Road, Haian Economic & Technical Zone, Jiangsu, 226600

In early 2016, Simon China organised various events to commemorate the company’s centennial, and on the 18th of October, the festivities’ grand finale was celebrated with a large ceremony in their Hai’an region facilities.

Hundreds of employees from the Shanghai Management Centre and the Hai’an factory witnessed this historic moment, along with members of the Simon Group and Simon China management teams and government representatives from the Hai’an region and its development area.

Before this ceremony, an exhibition was organised on the corridor next to the building hall, in which eight artists participated in the proposal “Enter Simon to be inspired”. Likewise, drawings by the children of Simon China employees were on display, centred around the theme “Simon through your eyes”, which drew attention from the visitors for the children's creativity and imagination.

The opening ceremony began with speeches from the president of the Simon Group, Sergio Vives, the President of Simon China, Luis Lopezbarrena, and the General Manager of Simon China, Jack Zhu, who reviewed the group’s history and thanked the Government of Hai’an for their constant support of Simon China.

The inspiring speeches from guests and members of the Government conveyed future goals and objectives to the people of Simon, emphasising the culture of hard work and perseverance as key values of the company.

The projection of the centennial video produced by Simon made a great impact on all the attendees, and the audience was captivated by the authenticity of the stories. The climax was the song “Golden Dream”, a symbol of Simon's brilliant future.

The centennial celebration came to a close with a spectacular light and fireworks show that lit up the sky of Hai’an, marking a milestone in the history of Simon and the beginning of a new era.