simon brasil evento centenario

Simon Brazil also celebrated the centenary

Belo Horizonte
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil

December the 17th of 2016 will definitely be an unforgettable date for the "simoneiros" of Brazil.

The centenary of Simon Brazil was more than an event. Not only because of the dimension, the place and the different activities that enlivened the day, but also for the reason of the meeting with all the employees of Simon and his family.

The members of the management team of the Simon Group and Simon Brazil, which are the group president, Sergio Vives, Nicolás Trincheria, Ricard Aubert, Rafael Serra, our Global CEO, Luis Lopezbarrena and our General Manager Mr. Jon Telleria attended the event in Brazil. It was an event in a very happy atmosphere, with many attractions for the families, swimming pool, games. Even Santa Claus was also there celebrating the 100 years of the company.

Typical "mineras" meals from the state of Minas Gerais were served, but also typical food from Catalonia. The event was enlivened with a music band playing live.

The most emotional moment was when the video of the "100 years of the group" was made. We were all excited to see the history of Simon's foundation, historical moments of the company, with the testimonies recorded by employees from different countries and their trajectory within this great group. It was a very moving moment, it generated a lump in the throat and some tears. Mr. Sergio Vives made a speech, where everyone could hear more about the Simon company's culture, the way and intention of group management, and mainly the responsibility for the continuity of a century-old legacy.

Finally, a toast was wishing that the next centenary would come, with the continuity of the "simoneiro" spirit. Music and fireworks put an end to a very moving and memorable day.